Vilna Lodge

Vilna Lodge is located at the north end of the historic Main Street of the Village of Vilna Alberta, 150 km northeast of Edmonton. Built in 1977, the Lodge has a comfortable farmhouse feel and ‘Baba’s kitchen’ is the heart of the home.

The decor, food, and social life of Vilna Lodge celebrate the mix of Cree and Ukrainian cultures of the area, and Lodge employees include those who speak Cree, Ukrainian, German and French in addition to English.

Jenny’s Cottage provides specialized 24-hour care for residents living with dementia.


Basic Services provided:

Services available for an additional fee

Pets: No pets live at the Lodge, but residents enjoy regular canine visitors

Smoking: No smoking is allowed inside the Lodge, but residents may smoke at any time in a designated outbuilding that is equipped with chairs and a heater.


Cost includes basic services

Application Process:

Contact Vilna Lodge:

Address:  5404 50th St. Vilna, T0A 3L0

Phone:  780-636-3545